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Smart Solutions

for real world IoT

4-SOL is a an established provider of IT and IoT solutions. With our extensive solution portfolio and real-world industry expertise we will support you from vague idea to a scalable, fully integrated profitable solution.

Visit the case studies section to learn about our past projects including our recently developed Smart Lighting solution

Our Services

Our Services

The world of IoT is evolving rapidly. There are a large number of devices as well as cloud, edge and integrated frameworks on offer.
4-SOL provides prototyping and analysis  of industry solutions as a key stage in proving IoT viability in challenging environments.


Capturing and refining requirements and discoveries from prototype phase, applying industry best practices and selecting IoT components.
4-SOL takes a holistic view including integration, Middleware 
and operational considerations to create scalable real-world solutions.

Smart IoT 

IoT solutions cover a large spectrum of technologies. Smart solution verticals also span a wide spectrum of sectors as diverse as Agriculture and the Smart Office. 4-SOL are able to clearly define the technology options and business requirements at the core of any solution. 


With our own professional services team and in-country partners we are able to handle all aspects of an IoT project. From hardware sourcing, cloud hosting, software design and integration into complex enterprise environments. Projects are handled in an Agile, SAFe approach.


Ongoing maintenance may be required as well as continuously looking for improvements to deployed solutions.

4-SOL can provide turkey solutions including ongoing managed services as your solution adoption grows and develops further.


Smart solutions generate vast quantities of data.
4-SOL can help unlock the business insights from this data using our modelling, analytics tools and industry expertise. We have experience of large volume and real-time data processing along with Machine learning and more traditional analysis.


“The 4-CONFIG Solution from 4-SOL helped us to roll out new Services to the marked in record time”

Product Management, Swisscom AG


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