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Smart Solutions
Cross-sector, multi-vendor 

Smart Office - Self Adaptive Lighting

Working with ASTRA LED GmbH our Hardware and Lighting design partners we have developed a smart lighting concept for the smart building. Using integrated IoT sensors and our cloud based intelligence to detect user presence and environmental conditions we provide an intelligent smart building solution that is able to offer:

  • Personalized lighting / Occupancy detection

  • Room/Zone/Building auto-learning behavior

  • Asset tracking via integrated sensors

  • Energy and air quality management and reporting


Follow this link to access a restricted view of our solution working in a real world environment monitoring one our offices in Switzerland.

Self-service VoIP Configuration Portal

Implementation of a web based self-service portal for a tier one telecommunications provider. Translation of simple user commands into complex network configuration commands across a multi-vendor network.

Inventory based Provisioning

Implementation of an Inventory based solution to manage the clients deployment process. Using our 4-Config platform we were able to rapidly deploy a solution that was at the heart of their business. Our Inventory modeled their Infrastructure, Organisation and services and was used by multiple teams within the large organisation for processes such as:

  • Service Orders

  • Technical Service decomposition

  • Workforce/field force management

  • Service Activation (via APIs)

  • Upload and Discovery of resources

Smart Agriculture

Working with an independent wine grower the project was based around the unique requirements of monitoring a vineyard to ensure a consistent growing environment for the grape harvest. This end-end solution focused on the challenges of deploying sensors in a remote area with poor connectivity and then normalizing and accessing the data to both alert and report historically on temperatures and other sensor data.  

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