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IoT Solutions

More than just connectivity

IoT Domain Coverage

The IoT domain is at a crucial point in it's evolution. Over the last few years there has been an explosion of IoT frameworks and components brought to the market, however the IoT landscape remains complex and difficult for enterprises to get a handle on and therefore choose the right technologies.

It is a tall order for most enterprises to reconcile these various disciplines such as:

  • Integrating and connecting devices

  • Securing and centralizing IoT data in the edge, fog, cloud

  • Utilizing Big Data and Analytics to apply intelligence to your domain


4-Sol has that expertise with a focus on the intelligent gateway and cloud services 4-Sol can deliver an end-end solution for your industry.


The above diagram highlights that areas that are required for a successful IoT project along with highlights of 4-Sol expertise. Specific areas of capability from 4-Sol include:

  • Intelligent Gateway design

  • Data architecture design for real-time and large historical data processing

  • Organisational and service modelling to map existing business processes to IoT design and data

  • Analytics and Intelligence applied to IoT data via ML and classical statistical analysis

  • Visualization and dashboards.

  • Integration in existing system landscape


4-Sol's long history has enabled us to see and utilise the changes in software and application design. The move from bespoke software towards integration of standard cloud based components has accelerated the development solution offerings.


In reality a solution needs to comprise many components and usually needs to integrate with many operational components including legacy applications. We approach every project from a real-world perspective and select both proven mature technologies as well as emerging technologies.

Utilizing both cloud Saas and custom development  components as well as the 4-Config proprietary application framework our solutions typically comprise: 

  • ETL, Integration (MQTT, SOAP, REST, XML)

  • Security, Authentication, SSO, Data architecture

  • Enterprise Frameworks (J2EE, MVC, PHP, BPM)

  • UI and API's (Browser, Mobile, Responsive, JS)

  • Analytics, Time Series DB, ML 

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